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Welcome Riders to the motorcycle newbie head quarters.  This site was created around the inexperienced person who is looking to venture out into a new hobby, but that doesn't mean we don't have content on here for the experienced rider as well. Personally speaking I think you have found the perfect hobby.  I have an unconditional love for motorcycles and as soon as you learn how to ride a motorcycle, so will you.

We have created an eBook that will give you the tools that you will need in order to learn how to drive a motorcycle. Learning how to ride a motorcycle for the first time is an amazing experience and is extremely fun and addicting. Once you learn the basic lessons of riding you will be on your way to a liberating experience.

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Here On this page you can find some cool custom R6 fairings for most years. Be sure to constantly check back in with us, as we are constantly updating our site.

The Best Honda Cbr 600 Fairings We Could Get Our Hands On

2007 600 cbr red

If you own a Cbr then consider yourself a lucky person. These motorcycles are fun to ride and even more fun to customize. So do yourself a favor and check out our Fairing selection here.

Some Cheap But Cool GSXR 600 Fairings

suzuki gsxr 600

The Suzuki Gsxr 600 is said to be a squid motorcycle. A motorcycle that all newbie's get. Well I digress. I personally owned one and with a couple mods this thing can become a beast. Before we start with some of the technical mods, let's pick up some fairings.