Let The Journey Begin

discover the truth, that you're already here

My goal is simple, help you reach your goals safely.  I am a self taught motorcyclist,  when I began I didn't know a lick about motorcycles or how to ride them.  7 years and 0 accidents later, I am a great rider who loves the road and loves the adrenaline.  Especially the adrenaline you get when you're zooming past cars on the interstate.  Even though I may exceed the legal speed limit at times, I always try to be as safe as possible because this 

is not fun.


So I created this website for the new guy, or gal, who wants to learn a thing or two about motorcycle riding and motorcycles in general.  As i mentioned before I focus on safety and keeping that adrenaline pumping.  So if you are ready suit up and lets have some fun!!