Best Yamaha R6 Custom Fairings

Custom r6 fairing

Customizing Your R6 Starts Here

2008-2016 Most Attractive Cheap R6 Fairings

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2006-2007 Best Yamaha R6 Fairings Kit

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2003-2005 Custom Yamaha R6 Fairings Kit

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1998-2002 Nice R6 Fairings

Good Detailed video on how to remove your fairings on your r6. 

Be Different

Sooner or later you will find yourself wanting to improve your motorcycle's looks. Starting off with customizing the cosmetics of your motorcycle, you undoubtedly will start with your R6 Fairings. After all It's the biggest and boldest part to your bike. Obviously It's the first thing anyone will notice and the first thing you will always see. Not to mention it is what gives your motorcycle it's identity. The best part of buying fairings or a full fairing kit is that there are so many to choose from. All different colors, different themes and different styles. It's also a plus to replace the fairings if you have an older R6 because 9 times out of 10 the ones you currently have will have some defects in them.

Get Into It

 Scratches, bends, breaks, cracks, and even some missing pieces. It's a great feeling starting off with some clean fresh fairings.Above All You're the artist and the Fairings are your canvas. Customize them as you see fit. Stop being like everyone else with being the norm. Be different and experience what it is to literally fall in love all over again with your motorcycle. Starting with your R6 fairings! Replacing your fairings is fun to do. Equally important It can get challenging at times when you don't know where a bolt goes, but that is no biggie, it's not rocket science.

Have The Best R6 Out There

The R6 fairing kits can be a bit pricey, especially depending on which one you choose, but it's all for good reason. Although this may be true, I can guarantee that once you see your R6 looking so fresh and so clean it will have all been worth it. On top of that you will have a new love and interest in your motorcycle once you realize how naked it looks. So I recommend you grab some high quality stickers along with your fairings. Greatest part of it all is that the customizing goes on and on.
All in all if your R6 looks like shit, or your just plain old tired of the same bike, a fairing kit is where to start. Stop riding around on some old clunker or the same bike everyone else has, be different and start making your motorcycle YOURS!